The recent purchase we made was a great experience thanks to Colorado Casa PMI. They are very professional and each person is a wealth of information. I would use them again in a heartbeat!
We couldn't be happier with everyone at Colorado Casa and we just signed another year lease. Over the past few years, they were very quick to handle any problems we had. It's also great that I can pay my rent online; it's very convenient. Overall, this company has been great to rent from.
I do not live in the same city as my rental, and so I knew I needed someone to handle it for me. Ever since I hired CCR my life has been so much easier. They handle the accounting, maintenance, you name it!
The people that work here are so nice. They really do make renting a good experience, one of the best Io have ever had.
Overall I was very happy to be working with the professionals at Colorado Casa. They really know the area, and are helpful when it comes to information such as school districts, etc.

Woodland Park Property Management

Let us manage your Woodland Park rental property

Woodland Park Property Management

We offer a full range of property management services tailored to you as an investor, homeowner, or landlord. We have an extensive portfolio of single family homes, townhouses and condos in the El Paso, Pueblo & Fremont County areas. We invite you to come and meet with Erica, Jenn, Amber, Nancy, Stacy, Tami, Boris and Jorgette today!

Why Choose Colorado Casa PMI® as your Property Manager

  • Managing Properties in the Pikes Peak Region since 2001
  • Professional Screening For All Tenants
  • Licensed and Accredited
  • Maintenance – Preventive and Responsive
  • No Setup Fees
  • 24/7 Maintenance Coordinator
  • Online Portal to Access Your Account 24/7

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Benefits of using Colorado Casa PMI®

Owner Representation+

  • We both sign a Landlord Agency Agreement (approved by the Real Estate Commission which identifies our Agency relationship).
  • This also allows us to convert to a “Transaction Broker” should the tenant wish to purchase the house, and you wish to sell it.
  • A Property Management Agreement is also signed between Colorado Casa PMI® and the Property Owners identifying responsibilities for both parties


  • Colorado Casa PMI® pays for all marketing of the property. This allows us to determine if a tenant is a good fit for your home or another. (If you paid for marketing we would be obligated to fit the prospect into your home.)
  • We use internet marketing, the MLS, print marketing, house flyers, etc. Marketing the homes we represent by all reasonable and customary means (locally, nationally & internationally)
  • Our rentals are listed on our website with photos, addresses, and info. Prospective tenants who call us are interested in the property they have seen online. From this site, prospective tenants may apply on-line for the property they are interested in.
  • We have a 24/7 Appointment Setting service to allow agents to schedule appointment to see and show our properties. The Showing Coordinator is always available and not subject to the business hours of the company.
  • We answer the inquiries and phone and return calls and emails to prospective tenants who have inquired on one of our rentals.

Tenant Qualification+

We have the client fill out an application – providing authorization for credit, employment and landlord history.

We conduct a 7-point screening process, which includes:

  • Credit Review
  • Employment History – tenants must earn 3x the rent
  • Landlord History – tenants must not “owe” other landlords for past leases
  • Eviction History – our prospective tenants cannot have an eviction history
  • Criminal History – prospective tenants cannot have been convicted of any sex crimes or other violent offenses.
  • Email – our prospective tenants should be respectable and not ashamed of their names.
  • Attitude – prospective tenants must have a good attitude and treat our staff in a friendly, non-threatening manner.

Tenant Rents+

  • Tenant rents are due on the first (with few exceptions) that are approved on a case by case basis
  • Tenants may pay their rent in a variety of ways:
    • ACH – Tenant payments may be made online through a tenant portal, at no cost
    • Credit or Debit Card – tenants may choose to pay by their card, and agreeing to pay the convenience fee.
    • Pay Slip – Tenants may use a “pay slip” in order to pay their rent directly at a 7-11 or Dollar Store, for a nominal fee

Rent Distribution+

  • Rents are collected the 1st through the 3rd of each month.
  • The rents are distributed as follows:
    • Property Management Fees – are paid first.
    • Vendors – for bills that came in the month before – on the 1st or 2nd business day after rents
    • Owners – the balance is ACH’d to our owners on the 2nd and 3rd business day after rents are collected – normally by the 8th of each month.
    • For rents that come in late or after the rent money has been dispersed, we try to get a 2nd ACH owner draw deposit out by the 14th of the month.

Evictions & Collections +

Eviction costs may be charged to the tenant and collected through the court or collections)

  • We post the 3 day notice between the 5th & 8th of the month.
  • After the 3rd day, if payments or payment arrangements have not been made, we submit the notice to the attorney.
  • Within 2-3 weeks, the attorney seeks the court order for possession and/or payment. (Traditionally, the court allow the tenant to make payment arrangements – if they don’t stick to it – the court allows us to evict immediately. (<$350)
  • Upon getting the eviction order, we contact the sheriff’s department to schedule the eviction. (<$100)
  • To evict a tenant, once we have confirmed the Sheriff’s appointment, we then have 1 hour to empty the house. We normally hire “Labor Ready” who sends 4 people (we provide garbage bags and gloves) who empty the house in 1 hour. (<$250)


  • As we discussed, we believe that we partner with our tenants to maintain your home. It is for that reason that we ask the tenants to notify us of any issues that may arise during their tenancy. We offer an escalating maintenance process to reduce the costs of many routine maintenance expenses.
  • Maintenance Costs are those of the owner. They are a pass through without any add-ons for Property Management.
  • For minor items, a handyman is contacted to make the repair (normally unlicensed Handyman)
  • For major items, a licensed Plumber, Electrician, HVAC, etc. is contacted and asked to provide an estimate. If time allows, additional estimates can be requested.
  • For major items, it is customary (if time allows) to obtain owner approval.


  • Colorado Casa PMI® charges a 10% property management fee on all rents collected, with a minimum $50 monthly fee.
  • Success Fee Referral – We offer to pay another Agent a $50-100 referral fee to another Agent (or Company) who brings us an approved tenant – this amount is paid out of the owner’s funds.
  • $100 Annual Fee for Maintenance Hotline.
  • Oversight Fee - Owner agrees to pay Oversight Fee to the Company of 10% (of the total cost) to manage and monitor any non-routine maintenance projects of the Subject Property.

There are many other benefits to working with Colorado Casa PMI®. It is for that reason that most of the homes that we manage are for home owners to whom we sold the house. The others are owners who have come to us through a referral of someone we know and have done business with.

Woodland Park Area Information

Woodland Park Property Managers

The City of Woodland Park is a Home Rule Municipality that is the most populous city in Teller County, Colorado, United States and is immediately west of El Paso County and the unincorporated community of Crystola. Many residents in this bedroom community, which is surrounded by the one-million acre (4,000 km²) Pike National Forest, make the 17-mile (27 km) commute to Colorado Springs.

Called "The City Above the Clouds," Woodland Park, at 8,465 feet (2,580 m) above sea level, often enjoys clear skies while weather in neighboring towns may be rainy or overcast. The city has pursued a policy of careful growth, and enjoys dramatic views of Pikes Peak. Woodland Park offers easy access to hiking, climbing, and fishing. Because of the city's location, there is a natural limitation to population growth. Source From Wikipedia

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