The recent purchase we made was a great experience thanks to Colorado Casa PMI. They are very professional and each person is a wealth of information. I would use them again in a heartbeat!
We couldn't be happier with everyone at Colorado Casa and we just signed another year lease. Over the past few years, they were very quick to handle any problems we had. It's also great that I can pay my rent online; it's very convenient. Overall, this company has been great to rent from.
I do not live in the same city as my rental, and so I knew I needed someone to handle it for me. Ever since I hired CCR my life has been so much easier. They handle the accounting, maintenance, you name it!
The people that work here are so nice. They really do make renting a good experience, one of the best Io have ever had.
Overall I was very happy to be working with the professionals at Colorado Casa. They really know the area, and are helpful when it comes to information such as school districts, etc.

Tenant Resources

Resources for Current & Prospective Tenants

If you are looking for a home, we are interested in speaking with you.

We are always looking for Good Tenants, who have a good rental history, good credit and a stable employment future.

We will work with Good Tenants who have experienced some financial difficulties during America's financial crisis, however, there must be some compensating factors to offset their credit situation.

We are looking for Good Tenants, who are interested in maintaining their home is a clean and well-kept manner.

Without exception, we expect our tenants to care for the home they are renting as though it were their own. Any interior damage or filth, will not be considered "fair wear and tear".

We are looking for Good Tenants who will be financially responsible and ensure that their rent is paid on-time each month, without excuses.

Our tenants are able to pay their rent on-line at no additional cost. Each Tenant is provided with a "Tenant Portal" where they are able to monitor their accounts at their convenience.

We are looking for Good Tenants who will take responsibility for caring for the home's exterior and landscaping, proving that it is not only Owners who have pride in their home's appearance.

Tenant Portal
Did you know that you can now pay your rent and submit maintenance requests online through your Tenant Portal? It's fast, easy, and secure, so why wait? Don’t have an account? Click here

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