The recent purchase we made was a great experience thanks to Colorado Casa PMI. They are very professional and each person is a wealth of information. I would use them again in a heartbeat!
We couldn't be happier with everyone at Colorado Casa and we just signed another year lease. Over the past few years, they were very quick to handle any problems we had. It's also great that I can pay my rent online; it's very convenient. Overall, this company has been great to rent from.
I do not live in the same city as my rental, and so I knew I needed someone to handle it for me. Ever since I hired CCR my life has been so much easier. They handle the accounting, maintenance, you name it!
The people that work here are so nice. They really do make renting a good experience, one of the best Io have ever had.
Overall I was very happy to be working with the professionals at Colorado Casa. They really know the area, and are helpful when it comes to information such as school districts, etc.

Preferred Vendors

At Colorado Casa PMI® we partner with Vendors who provide our clients with prompt, professional services.

We expect our Vendors to provide our clients with services at fair and competitive rates. They agree to treat Tenants with respect, to clean up after themselves, maintain a smoke-free environment, and ensure that they don't create additional stress to the Tenant.

Our Vendors are also our eyes within the home. They know to notify us if they find any unsafe, unkempt or unusual circumstances during their visit to the home.

Our Vendors understand that they will be paid for their services in the month following the receipt of their invoice for services rendered. This allows us to either pay their invoice from rents collected in the next month, or to collect it from the responsible party directly.

Contact Us

965 Pico Point
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80905

Phone: 719.227.7200
Fax: 719.227.8903

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